You have chosen to begin study in a most unique system of training in the world of contemporary martial arts. San Yama Ryu is an eclectic martial art developed by John Primeaux and his senior instructor, Chad Matt, from the information learned by ranking in many Japanese systems. It is a technical synthesization of the combat effective techniques of kempo, jujutsu, and aiki. Bujutsu translates as the science of war, thus you will not find sport technique or competitive attitude here. We base our lifestyle on traditional warrior training. Most martial arts claim to teach methods of developing self-defense, self-esteem, self-confidence, respect and self-discipline, but by delving into the sport world, this very action prevents thorough development of most of these aforementioned elements. San Yama Ryu is a synthesis of three major combatic systems of Japan and thus delivers a no-nonsense system of self-development. San Yama Ryu was synthesized with the intention of including some of the healing and spiritual disciplines as well. Some of these disciplines will be shared throughout the training while some will be held until higher level training is reached.
San Yama Ryu includes kicks and strikes, but emphasis is on throws, projections, joint manipulation, pressure points, weapons, ground techniques and spiritual energy. It should be noted that this is a combat art and not a sport form nor is it initially founded in purely esoterica. All of the techniques if properly applied disrupt the body’s meridians and are intended to create structural malfunction; ie. broken bones. As this training requires regular body contact and most of the techniques can cause pain even when performed under slower training paces without the intent to harm, much emphasis is placed upon conditioning the body by properly warming up, stretching and learning ukemi or “falling ways”. Ukemi teaches the body how to adjust energetically and physiologically internally to compensate for contact. Initially the contact relates to making contact with the ground, but eventually the same internal microscopic adjustments are made when any attack such as a punch is initiated.

If you choose to study what samurai practiced, it has to be a combination of all existing traditional martial arts that have origins in Japan and include traditional weapons such as sword. Legitimate martial arts for legitimate martial artists! Asian Martial Arts Center is a forward thinking school with its roots in the past dedicated to revolutionizing the current faulty thinking that martial arts are for sport and sport oriented arts are combat effective. Our instructors are dedicated solely to quality instruction. It is our goal to create great martial artists and preserve the ancient samurai arts that we study. You can be assured that our teaching staff is not only the most competent and professional around, but also active in the martial arts community. Our instructors have gained certification by both Okinawan and Japanese rank in many styles such as: Karate, Kempo, Traditional (non-sport) Judo, Bo-jutsu, Aikido, Aikijutsu, Jo-jutsu, Iai-jutsu, Ken-jutsu, Kijutsu, and Jujutsu. We have trained and ranked under only the highest ranking masters in their respective fields. We continue to attend clinics where we learn and practice combat effective techniques that have been proven to work in self-defense situations. The techniques you will learn originated many centuries ago and do not pertain to any sport application. The techniques taught here work on the street today as well as they did on the battlefield in years past.

We have taken this knowledge and distilled it into one comprehensive art made up of the major elements of the samurai lifestyle. You will learn the best of kempo, jujutsu, and aikijutsu which have been organized into three respective training modules.

This unique blend of the martial arts is SAN YAMA RYU BUJUTSU and is found only at Asian Martial Arts Center.

After visiting our dojo, you will see that our instructors spend a tremendous amount of time preparing for your martial arts education. We evaluate each student on a daily basis, as an individual with independent needs. Our intentions are not to administer a commercial dojo filled with individuals who believe that they are martial artists, but rather to uphold the standards of budo while building true self-confidence and self-esteem in every student. The dedication of the instructors must be met by equal commitment by each and every student. Absence from class delays the learning and ranking periods. Absence from class also destroys the daily class preparations made by the sensei. True martial competence requires this revolutionary thinking. Do you want to just do a martial art or are you aspiring to be a martial artist? To follow this method of living and learning is to join one of the only true counter-cultures remaining in a society that seems comfortable with the ordinary and complacent.

Welcome to Asian Martial Arts Center and The Revolution...
Learn Self-defense for life!


AJ Primeaux SOKE
Chad Matt SOKE-DAI