San Yama Ryu is a comprehensive composition of the best techniques taken from kempo, judo and aiki. We have distilled all of our experiences in the martial arts and teach only the techniques we feel will work for true self-defense while also preserving the samurai arts. You will progress through each art during your study at AMAC beginning with kempo which is based on traditional blocks, strikes, and kicks. Next you will enter into the phase of study concerned with throws, jointlocks and chokes called jujutsu. Your study will culminate in the aiki arts which are typically concerned with more fluid and circular projections. It is our goal at AMAC to train our students how to survive life which sometimes includes violent attacks. During the early level of training we will focus on evasive techniques to keep you out of harms way. The next level will condition your body for physical contact and train you to neutralize your opponent. Next you will combine these areas to develop a personal method of self-defense. After reaching black belt you will cultivate the use of weapons (both traditional and modern).